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Sleedo Search Engine

Posted by SalesianLibrary on April 30, 2010

You might have heard about the game Free Rice, which offers grains of rice for correct answers given to a quiz. Now there’s a new search engine which does a similar thing. The search engine is called Sleedo, and for every search you conduct using Sleedo, they donate 10 grains of rice to the poor. So the more searches you do, the more grains of rice get given away. It’s definitely worth using this search engine!


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Study Search

Posted by SalesianLibrary on April 16, 2010

Study Search is a new search engine which is run by Google, however the search results that come up are all filtered by professional teachers and librarians to make sure that the students using this tool are getting good information. The site is split into Primary and Secondary so students can look up information relevant to their age group.

As you can see this is what the Secondary student search area looks like. It has a very simple layout, very similar to Google and is very easy to use. I did a search on the Human Body and as you can see in the picture below I received many reputable and relevant websites in my results. Study Search is a great tool, and will be very helpful to students and teachers that don’t want to be wading through thousands of websites that don’t have any good and relevant information.

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