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Eclipse: Interview with Kristin Stewart & Taylor Lautner

Posted by SalesianLibrary on June 1, 2010

I saw this interview with Kristin Stewart and Taylor Lautner on the 7pm Project last night. It’s just a short one, but I think a good interview from both of them. They’re both in Australia at the moment because Eclipse, the third film in the Twilight series is due to come out at the movies soon. Enjoy!

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Book of the Week: Lovely Bones

Posted by SalesianLibrary on May 3, 2010

Title: The Lovely Bones
Author: Alice Sebold
Publication Year: 2003
Location in the Library: SEB
Blurb: My name was Salmon, like the fish; first name, Susie. I was fourteen when I was murdered on December 6, 1973. My murderer was a man from our neighbourhood. My mother liked his border flowers, and my father talked to him often about fertilizer.
This is Susie Salmon, speaking to us from heaven. It looks a lot like her school playground, with the good kind of swing sets. There are counsellors to help the newcomers to adjust, and friends to room with. Everything she wants appears as soon as she thinks of it – except the thing she wants most: to be back with the people she loved on Earth.
From heaven, Susie watches. She sees her happy suburban family implode after her death, as each member tries to come to terms with the terrible loss. Over the years, her friends and siblings grow up, fall in love, do all the things she never had the chance to do herself. But life is not quite finished with Susie yet.
The Lovely Bones is a luminous and astonishing novel about life and death, forgiveness and vengeance, memory and forgetting. It is, above all, a novel which finds light in the darkest of places, and shows how even when that light seems to be utterly extinguished, it is still there, waiting to be rekindled.

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Book of the Week

Posted by SalesianLibrary on April 13, 2010

For this week’s book of the week I’ve chosen another book which has recently been made into a film. It was actually recommended by one of the Year 12 students who thought other students might enjoy it as much as she did! The book is ‘Cirque du Freak: A Living Nightmare’ by Darren Shan and we’ve just got a copy in at the Library (which you can find under SHA in the fiction section). It looks like a very good read, very dark and full of vampires!

Title: Cirque du Freak: A Living Nightmare
Author: Darren Shan
Location in Library: SHA in fiction
Blurb: ‘This is a true story. I don’t expect you to believe me – I wouldn’t believe it myself if I hadn’t lived it – but it is. Everything I describe in this book happened, just as I tell it. The thing about real life is, when you do something stupid, it normally costs you. Real life is nasty. It’s cruel. It doesn’t care about heroes and happy endings and the way things should be. In real life, bad things happen. People die. Fights are lost. Evil often wins.
I just wanted to make that clear before I began.’

Darren Shan and his best friend, Steve, get tickets to the Cirque Du Freak, a wonderfully gothic freak show featuring weird, frightening half human/half animals who interact terrifyingly with the audience. In the midst of the excitement, true terror raises its head when Steve recognises that one of the performers – Mr Crepsley – is a vampire!
Steve remains after the show finishes to confront the vampire – but his motives are surprising! In the shadows of a crumbling theatre, a horrified Darren eavesdrops on his friend and the vampire, and is witness to a monstrous, disturbing plea.
In the tradition of Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked this way comes and Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot, the bestselling Cirque Du Freak: A Living Nightmare is the beginning of the horror saga that has captivated millions.

You can find out more about the movie, which has just been released here in Australia at IMDB or at the official movie site.

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Tomorrow, when the war began trailer

Posted by SalesianLibrary on April 12, 2010

Welcome back to term 2! This is the newly released trailer for the upcoming ‘Tomorrow, when the war began’ movie which I’m sure everyone is looking forward to. The release date on IMDB has been set for the 2nd of September 2010, so it won’t be too long a wait for it.

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Eclipse Posters take 2

Posted by SalesianLibrary on March 25, 2010

I’ve been in the process of collecting more Eclipse Posters for you all, since I saw that the last ones were so popular. Most are fan made, but I’ve thrown what I believe to be the official poster (the first poster) in there too. I love the ones of Bella in that white dress, she looks beautiful!

If you made any of these posters, please feel free to let me know and I’ll credit you accordingly.

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Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Teaser Trailer

Posted by SalesianLibrary on March 17, 2010

I know I’ve been posting quite a few trailers recently, but there’s just so many books that are being turned into movies these days. This is the teaser trailer for the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie. It’s due for release in November this year and the second part in July of 2011. This is one I’m really excited about seeing! And if you want to read the book before the movies come out, we have plenty of copies here in the Library under ROW.

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You can also find more information about the movie on IMDB. However, there doesn’t seem to be an official website as of yet. I’ll keep you posted though!

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Eclipse Official Trailer 2010

Posted by SalesianLibrary on March 15, 2010

This is the new official trailer for the latest movie in the Twilight series, Eclipse. Not long now until it’s June release!

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Twilight: Eclipse

Posted by SalesianLibrary on November 30, 2009

I know New Moon has only just pretty much come out at the movies but I just have to share this Eclipse news with you all. The release date for Eclipse has been set at the 30th of June 2010. So not long to wait now!

I’ve found a website called Eclipse Movie where you can find all sorts of news and information about the upcoming movie in the Twilight series. You can also find posters and interviews with the cast on there.

You can also get more information on the IMDB page for Eclipse. There’s a forum on that page where you can ask questions, comment and just discuss the movie.

And for some eye candy, here are some of the early posters that have been made up:

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‘Tomorrow, When the War Began’ movie

Posted by SalesianLibrary on September 18, 2009


I’ve just found out recently that the book Tomorrow, When the War Began by John Marsden is to be made into a movie! Filming hasn’t started yet, as the movie has just been anounced but apparently Caitlin Stasey (Rachel from Neighbours) is to play Ellie, and Lincoln Lewis (Geoff from Home and Away) are set to play Ellie and Kevin.

You can find the IMDB entry here where they have a little bit of info about the movie and also a forum for questions/comments and news. You can also see some of the cast listed here although most of them aren’t listed on IMDB yet so I’m not sure if it’s the final list.

For those who don’t know Tomorrow, When the War Began follows the journey of Ellie and a group of seven others who band together to fight when Australia is invaded by an unknown enemy. There are seven books in the series. Renowned screenwriter Stuart Beattie, whose credits include Australia and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, will write and direct.

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Latest New Moon Trailer

Posted by SalesianLibrary on September 15, 2009

I just found and watched the new Twilight: New Moon trailer and it looks really good. It shows a bit more of the Voltari and Bella’s reaction to Edward leaving. I think this is the first trailer so far for this movie that’s made me excited about it. Not long to go now!

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