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Operation Beautiful

Posted by SalesianLibrary on September 15, 2010

Did you know that 2 out of 5 women would trade 5 years of their lives just to be thin? Did you know that most women overestimate their own waist size by 30% and their own hip size by 16%? Did you know that more women are suffering from anorexia or bullemia than from breast cancer? Did you know that most young grils start to diet when they are just 8 years old?

This is why Operation Beautiful has been started. To help women (and men) to stop the ‘fat talk’ and start loving their own bodies the way they are. The mission of Operation Beautiful is to post encouraging notes in public places for other people to find and to brighten their day. The notes can be as simple as ‘you are beautiful’ or ‘you are perfect just the way you are’ but they can bring a smile or some much needed joy to someone’s life. Also once you’ve posted your notes, take a photo and send them off to Operation Beautiful (the email is on the site) and your notes will be posted for everyone to see and enjoy.

There are also some great links to articles for improving self esteem, stopping the ‘fat talk’ and overall trying to see yourself in a positive light. It’s a great site and worth having a look at! The following are some examples of notes that people have put up:


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