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Posted by SalesianLibrary on August 4, 2010

It’s been a while since I last did a ‘Blogs that I follow’ post, so I thought I’d do an update! The following are a few blogs that I follow, a couple of which I’ve only just found recently but that I’m really impressed with. I seem to follow mainly college oriented blogs, but that’s because I like the styles of clothes/furniture/accessories they show and I like the fact that most of the things they show are able to be achieved on a budget. So here we go…..

College Candy

I’ve been following College Candy for quite a while now. It’s my guilty pleasure, I love it so much. The articles are all submitted by college students and there are some really clever, well written articles on there. Some of the articles cover some fun topics such as fashion, cooking, reading and gossip under sections titled ‘haha’, ‘Cool Stuff’, ‘Style’ and ‘Buzz’, whereas on the other end of the spectrum there are the more serious articles which cover relationships, whether it be with family, friends or partners, fitness and wellbeing, college issues and internships under sections titled ‘Relationships’, ‘Reality’ and ‘Body’.

College Fashion

College Fashion is another blog that I’ve been following for a while now. I think that I originally found it through College Candy. This is a site which, as it’s title says, is purely about fashion. One of the reasons that I love it so much, is that everything is aimed for college students, so it’s all very young, fresh and….most importantly….reasonably priced! The site is aimed towards American students, which is the only catch, but a lot of the sites they recommend do ship to Australia which is great. They also offer some great specials, links to interesting sites, great recommendations for fashion for young people and real life experiences of students doing internships and jobs. Definitely worth a look!

Lovely Undergrad

I only just found out about Lovely Undergrad and I’m already hooked! This was another blog that I found out about through College Candy. This is also aimed at College Students, however it’s more aimed at decorating dorm rooms or apartments. I’ve gotten a lot of great ideas for decorating my own house through this blog already, and as it specializes in smaller rooms/homes I think it’d be perfect inspiration for those of you who are moving out of home next year, be it to university dorm rooms or your own house/apartment. The blog also has some great articles for students about things such as choosing a university/college to suit them, about moving in with a room mate and whether to live on or off campus. I must admit that I mainly love it for the decorating ideas though, as I like most of the things they recommend, plus it’s all very fresh and bright ideas. The other bonus is that, being aimed at college students, most of the recommended ideas are either DIY or budget.

Just Flew the Coop

Just Flew the Coop is another new blog which I’m already addicted to. Like Lovely Undergrad this blog is more aimed towards decorating and designing college dorm rooms or small apartment/flats. I love the styles on this blog as they’re so bright and fresh, and exactly how I want to decorate my own place! In fact I’ve already got some great ideas from Just Flew the Coop. I do also like the fact that they include articles about fashion and accessories (and some beautiful pieces at that),  and everything you need to know about living out of home. She even has real life articles about her own home and her decorating tales which I really love reading.


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