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Girlfriend Fiction Series

Posted by rportelli on July 16, 2010


Girlfriend Fiction is a collaboration between Allen & Unwin and Girlfriend Magazine.  There are currently 19 books in the series, with another one to be released in October.

We have recently purchased a copy of  The Boy/Friend for the library. 

Maude and Lou are best friends who live in the same street. She’s a smart girl from a sensible family. He’s a weirdo – a punk-rock musician. Despite being different, they’ve always hung out together. But when Lou asks Maude out on a date, all that changes.

A date with your best friend? How could that ever work?

We also have other books in this series available for borrowing:

My Life and Other Catastrophes    

Bookmark Days

Big Sky                                                        

Something More

Step up and Dance                                

Winter Grace

The Indigo Girls

How I Lost My Girlfriend and got her back Again

Go to the Girlfriend Fiction website to have a look at their other available titles.


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