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Posted by SalesianLibrary on June 4, 2010

I know I’m always looking for good blogs to subscribe to, because there are so many that offer interesting information, book recommendations or just great reading. I thought that I’d list the ones that I follow every now and then and there might be some amongst them that you guys would like to follow too.

The Story Siren is a blog run by a lady from the United States. She has a great love of reading, especially Young Adult Fiction and so that’s what her blog is about. She has some great  reviews and recommendations, and posts many upcoming titles, competitions and author interviews.

Windowpane Memoirs is very similar to The Story Siren, as it’s also a blog dedicated to Young Adult Fiction. I love this quote from the blog’s author, Michelle, “When I think about a writer creating worlds beyond reach I imagine their faces reflecting upon a windowpane; observing all that can be printed in words only with an artist’s heart. Windowpane Memoirs is also full of great reviews and recommendations of Young Adult Fiction. Michelle also posts upcoming releases, author interviews and chats and some competitions (although these are for US residents only, unfortunately)

Tanzanite’s Shelf and Stuff feeds my love of Historical Fiction. It’s a blog run my Daphne who shares her love of history and historical fiction with her readers. She not only reviews new fiction and non fiction books but also some older titles too. She runs some great competitions, and posts about upcoming new releases (both fiction and non fiction) as well as news and information about Historical Fiction. If you like Historical Fiction then this is definitely the blog for you (although beware, your wish list will grow every time you read it!)

Skerricks is one of the blogs I read for my work, and which I get lots of great library related news, and website and resource recommendations that I can then pass on to the students and teachers who work at the school I work at. It’s run by Ruth who is a Teacher Librarian at a school in New South Wales. My favourite part about the Skerricks blog is the Good Ideas for School Libraries entries, which show the changes  Ruth has made to her library and the great ideas that she’s introduced.

2 Responses to “Blogs that I follow”

  1. Slamdunk said

    Good links. I am a fan of historical fiction as well and Tazanite’s blog looks interesting.

    • SalesianLibrary said

      Thanks. Yes I can’t recommend that blog enough, there are so many good books on there! Enjoy!

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