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Changes to the Library

Posted by SalesianLibrary on April 28, 2010

The Library staff have made a few small, but great changes in the Library over the past few weeks that you may or may not have noticed. First up we’ve taken the dreary old bulletin board, which was originally covered in a heshion sack type material and recovered it with this blue material. I think it looks a lot fresher and more colourful:

Next up, we’ve decided to brighten the place up and bring the outside in. That is, we’ve brought a few small pot plants to bring more colour and life into the Library. We have green leafy plants, a couple of flowering plants and one, which is my particular favourite, with pink tinged leaves.

And lastly we’re in the process of tidying our shelves up and making them much more attractive and user friendly. Have a browse through the 700’s and 800’s where you’ll find the shelves are much more open now. We’ve even got enough space to put some books on display in these sections. Here’s a picture of a couple of the shelves:

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