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Posted by SalesianLibrary on April 22, 2010

I chose this book, not only because Anzac Day is coming up but because it sounds really interesting. Dangerous Days is the amazingly heroic story of someone who managed to survive World War II, fighting his way from a Prisoner of War Camp across Europe to find his fellow soldiers. It’s available for loan in the Library at the moment and you’ll find it on the fiction shelf under BRO or on the New Fiction stand.

Book: Dangerous Days: A Digger’s Great Escape
Author: Ernest Brough
Location in the Library: BRO
Publication Year: 2010
Blurb: At 19, Ern Brough signed up for the biggest adventure of his life, fighting with the Anzacs at Tobruk and El Alamein.
At 22, he was a prisoner of war.
But Ern and his mates were determined not to spend the rest of the war behind bars. Their aim: to make a break for Italy to rejoin the army, at any cost…
In a nerve-wracking dash for freedom, they travelled by night, swam icy rivers, climbed mountain passes and crossed borders within metres of German guardposts. Exhausted and starving, and with only the infamous Yugoslavian partisans as allies, they would need to escape capture again and again to reach journey’s end.
Ern’s incredible courage during the war earned him the Military Medal. But this is also the story of Ern’s life after the War, and the actions at home that have made him a local hero to this day.
With the inclusion of background information about key players and events during World War II, Dangerous Days is not only Ern’s story, but the story of the heroes who called themselves the Diggers. Men who were not much older than today’s readers when they forged their place in Australia’s history.

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