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Competition Winner

Posted by SalesianLibrary on April 30, 2010

The Library Display competition is now over and the Library staff have drawn the winners. We had some great contributions from quite a few different students so it was very hard to choose just three winners.

We’d like to congratulate Rachel Cateley from MO5 who suggested ‘Masquerade Ball’, Louis Parsons from MP5 who suggested ‘Medieval Times’ and Islay Pittaway from CN5 who suggested ‘History of Flight’. These students have won packs of stationary from Smiggle!

Like I mentioned there were so many different great ideas to choose from. After the success of this competition, we’d definitely like to run more Library competitions in the future. In fact we’re currently planning a bigger competition for June, so keep your eye out for updates!


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Sleedo Search Engine

Posted by SalesianLibrary on April 30, 2010

You might have heard about the game Free Rice, which offers grains of rice for correct answers given to a quiz. Now there’s a new search engine which does a similar thing. The search engine is called Sleedo, and for every search you conduct using Sleedo, they donate 10 grains of rice to the poor. So the more searches you do, the more grains of rice get given away. It’s definitely worth using this search engine!

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Virtual Tour of the Sistine Chapel

Posted by SalesianLibrary on April 29, 2010

The Vatican has a new website out that allows you to view the interior of the Sistine Chapel. The site has 360 degree views of the Chapel including the floor and ceiling. This is a great resource for students studying history, art or who are just interested in ‘travelling’ from their own computer.

All you have to do is click with your mouse and rotate to whichever part you want to see.

Thanks to Bright Ideas for another great website recommendation!

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Changes to the Library

Posted by SalesianLibrary on April 28, 2010

The Library staff have made a few small, but great changes in the Library over the past few weeks that you may or may not have noticed. First up we’ve taken the dreary old bulletin board, which was originally covered in a heshion sack type material and recovered it with this blue material. I think it looks a lot fresher and more colourful:

Next up, we’ve decided to brighten the place up and bring the outside in. That is, we’ve brought a few small pot plants to bring more colour and life into the Library. We have green leafy plants, a couple of flowering plants and one, which is my particular favourite, with pink tinged leaves.

And lastly we’re in the process of tidying our shelves up and making them much more attractive and user friendly. Have a browse through the 700’s and 800’s where you’ll find the shelves are much more open now. We’ve even got enough space to put some books on display in these sections. Here’s a picture of a couple of the shelves:

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Organising yourself

Posted by SalesianLibrary on April 27, 2010

Soshiku is a great website for students who need help with organising their school work and assignments. It’s a free resource that allows you to save notes, manage tasks and assignments, attach files and share messages with your partners. If you’re working in a team Soshiku also allows you to partner up with other students to collaberate, assign tasks and share files.

You can even sign up for email or mobile phone messages to remind you about due dates for assignments and tasks that are coming up.

This is what you would see in your home page. You can quickly see all of your overdue and upcoming assignments and use the calendar to get an overview of all of your assignments for the month. You can also view the five most recent tasks assigned to you, and use the search bar to search your assignments, tasks, etc.

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The Luxe Book Trailer

Posted by SalesianLibrary on April 23, 2010

If you liked the Gossip Girl series, then you are in for a treat.  The Luxe novels are a series of four books, each focusing around the four central characters.  Set in the 18th century with cosmopolitan women, weaving romantic connections.  A very glamorous series written by Anna Godberesen.

Visit this site to find out more!

The books in this series are :

The Luxe




We currently have all of the titles in the series available in the library.  They can be found in the fiction area under GOD.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “The Luxe Book Trailer“, posted with vodpod


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New Fiction Mar 2010

Posted by rportelli on April 23, 2010

Here is some more new fiction.  I hope everybody got busy reading over the holidays!

Etsy’s Gold by Mary Arrigan (ARR)

Emma by Jane Austen (AUS)

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (CAR)

Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll (CAR)

A stone in my hand by Cathryn Clinton (CLI)

When Courage came to call by L.M. Fuge (FUG)

Splendour : A Luxe Novel by Anna Godbersen (GOD)

A Girl like me by Penny Matthews (MAT)

With a Sword in my Hand by Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem (RIJ)

Cirque Du Freak : A Living Nightmare by Darren Shan (SHA)

The Demonata : Lord Loss by Darren Shan (SHA)

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks (SPA)

The Youngest Templar : Trail of Fate by Michael P. Spradiln (SPR)

Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White (WHI)

The Book Theif by Markus Zusak (ZUS)

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Book of the Week

Posted by SalesianLibrary on April 22, 2010

I chose this book, not only because Anzac Day is coming up but because it sounds really interesting. Dangerous Days is the amazingly heroic story of someone who managed to survive World War II, fighting his way from a Prisoner of War Camp across Europe to find his fellow soldiers. It’s available for loan in the Library at the moment and you’ll find it on the fiction shelf under BRO or on the New Fiction stand.

Book: Dangerous Days: A Digger’s Great Escape
Author: Ernest Brough
Location in the Library: BRO
Publication Year: 2010
Blurb: At 19, Ern Brough signed up for the biggest adventure of his life, fighting with the Anzacs at Tobruk and El Alamein.
At 22, he was a prisoner of war.
But Ern and his mates were determined not to spend the rest of the war behind bars. Their aim: to make a break for Italy to rejoin the army, at any cost…
In a nerve-wracking dash for freedom, they travelled by night, swam icy rivers, climbed mountain passes and crossed borders within metres of German guardposts. Exhausted and starving, and with only the infamous Yugoslavian partisans as allies, they would need to escape capture again and again to reach journey’s end.
Ern’s incredible courage during the war earned him the Military Medal. But this is also the story of Ern’s life after the War, and the actions at home that have made him a local hero to this day.
With the inclusion of background information about key players and events during World War II, Dangerous Days is not only Ern’s story, but the story of the heroes who called themselves the Diggers. Men who were not much older than today’s readers when they forged their place in Australia’s history.

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Library Display Competition

Posted by SalesianLibrary on April 19, 2010

It’s time to put your creative thinking caps on! The Library is running a short competition over the next week and students will be able to win some great little prizes! All you have to do is come to the Library and fill out an entry form, suggesting a Library display theme, and hand it back to the staff at the front desk. The competition is running from tomorrow (Tuesday 20) until next Wednesday and the winners will be decided on and anounced on Friday 30th of April. So come on down to the Library and enter!

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Study Search

Posted by SalesianLibrary on April 16, 2010

Study Search is a new search engine which is run by Google, however the search results that come up are all filtered by professional teachers and librarians to make sure that the students using this tool are getting good information. The site is split into Primary and Secondary so students can look up information relevant to their age group.

As you can see this is what the Secondary student search area looks like. It has a very simple layout, very similar to Google and is very easy to use. I did a search on the Human Body and as you can see in the picture below I received many reputable and relevant websites in my results. Study Search is a great tool, and will be very helpful to students and teachers that don’t want to be wading through thousands of websites that don’t have any good and relevant information.

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