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Twilight: Eclipse

Posted by SalesianLibrary on November 30, 2009

I know New Moon has only just pretty much come out at the movies but I just have to share this Eclipse news with you all. The release date for Eclipse has been set at the 30th of June 2010. So not long to wait now!

I’ve found a website called Eclipse Movie where you can find all sorts of news and information about the upcoming movie in the Twilight series. You can also find posters and interviews with the cast on there.

You can also get more information on the IMDB page for Eclipse. There’s a forum on that page where you can ask questions, comment and just discuss the movie.

And for some eye candy, here are some of the early posters that have been made up:

7 Responses to “Twilight: Eclipse”

  1. cute_indo said

    i ‘ll to watch that movie with someone, i think will be romance 😉

  2. Niva said

    wow!!!! another saga……. can’t wait to watch it.!!!!!!!….

  3. mariah said

    I read the book and OMG I freakin out, freakin out duddddeeee cant wait till eclipse!!!!

  4. pd86 said

    in this movie i’m going to see how dokota act…

    • SalesianLibrary said

      I’m really looking forward to seeing Dakota in this as well. It’ll be interesting to see her as a vampire!

  5. can’t wait to see robert in action again. i already booked my slot at . I like robert pattinson songs, after all, i am robert pattinson girlfriend! 😆

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