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Posted by SalesianLibrary on August 27, 2009


Did you know that the food you are buying is pushing Orangutans to extinction? Palm oil is found in most food products and its rampant cultivation is destroying the Orangutans habitat at an alarming rate.
The United Nations has warned that Orangutans could be extinct within a generation if we don’t act quickly.
The simple fact is that you can’t tell whether you are contributing to this crisis because palm oil is not labelled on most food products. Most of the palm oil that ends up in our food is unsustainably harvested. In fact, only one to four percent of the palm oil used in our food comes from sustainable RSPO certified sources. Without proper labeling we as consumers cannot demand palm oil that is sustainable RSPO certified in our food products.

You have a right to know whether the products you buy contain palm oil. However without legislation change, palm oil will remain unlabelled and you will continue to push orangutans towards extinction.

Do the right thing that let FSANZ know that you want the right to choose what you put in your mouth! Follow this link to sign the petition.

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