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Princess of Gossip

Posted by SalesianLibrary on March 18, 2009

books_princessAvery is a new girl in a huge high school, where she feels unnoticeable, boring and lonely. She creates a MySpace mini-tribute to Marisa, a singer whose first album is about to drop, and soon she has 30 people waiting to be added to her friend’s list – and they think she’s Marisa. And so Avery starts blogging as the singer. She rationalizes that it’s all in fun, and she’s helping people who are ordinary and lonely like herself. When Avery gets an invitation for Marisa to attend an exclusive party, she goes as Marisa’s assistant. There she stumbles on some hot gossip about a celebrity couple. Avery realizes she’s got an exclusive if she acts fast, but she can’t post as Marisa. So she starts a new blog as Princess of Gossip. Then Beckett Howard, a playboy celebutante, asks her out, and the paparazzi snap a picture of them together that gets posted on all the gossip sites. Her classmates are wowed, and Avery can’t help but love the attention. But it’s all going to come crashing down, and not even the Princess of Gossip will be able to hold on to her crown…

Princess of Gossip is very entertaining and I loved how they included modern technology (like MySpace and Ning) how it’s actually used!

You can actually visit the Princess of Gossip’s Ning page here.
Check out more info and reviews about Princess of Gossip here

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