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The Uglies series

Posted by SalesianLibrary on March 16, 2009

uglies I’ve just finished reading ‘Extras’,  the last book in the Uglies series. If you haven’t read these books yet I suggest you go out and get yourself a copy (or better yet pick up a copy next time you’re in the Library)! The novels are based on a very interesting idea that in the future cities will be split into groups of people called ‘Uglies’, ‘Pretties’ and ‘Specials’. Everyone wants to be pretty and live the ‘perfect’ life, but as we find out not everything is as it seems, especially when the main character Tally rebels against this idea.

The forth book, ‘Extras’ is more of a companion story to the series with the main character being a girl called Aya. In Aya’s world the most important things are status and popularity. Aya is, however, an ‘Extra’ with an embaressingly low status. Aya thinks she has found the key to fame when she discovers some of the least famous people in the city, with face ranks in the bottom thousand, performing incredible stunts. To exploit them, she joins their group, resulting in the discovery of a hidden weapon in the mountains that could destroy life on Earth. Suddenly Aya becomes famous, but fame doesn’t seem so good when you’re the one risking your life to get to the bottom of this.

You can find further info about the series here at Scott Westerfeld’s website and reviews here on the Amazon website.

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