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New Fiction Books (Feb 09)

Posted by rportelli on March 13, 2009

In February, the library has acquired these new fiction titles:

Above the veil by Garth Nix   (NIX)

Workhouse by Pamela Oldfield   (OLD)

Percy Jackson and the battle of the labyrinth by Rick Riordan   (RIO)

Percy Jackson and the lightning thief by Rick Riordan   (RIO)

Seacastle: a tale of the shimmaron by Tansy Rayner Roberts   (ROB)

Maus:  a survivor’s tale by Art Spiegelman   (SPI)

Fashionistas by Chloe Walsh   (WAL)

To kill a queen by Valerie Wilding   (WIL)

Possessing Rayne by Kate Cann   (CAN)

The evil overlord by Cory Daniells   (DAN)

Shadow of the gallows by Terry Deary   (DEA)

Viking blood by Andrew Donkin   (DON)

Bookmark days by Scot Gardner   (GAR)

Silverfin: the graphic novel by Charlie Higson   (HIG)

Ghost hunt by Shiho Inada   (INA)

Ghost hunt 2 by Shiho Inada   (INA)

Ghost hunt 3 by Shiho Inada   (INA)

The spy catcher gang by John Kelly   (KEL)

The book of the sword by A. J. Lake   (LAK)

The circle of the stone by A. J. Lake   (LAK)

The coming of dragons by A. J. Lake   (LAK)

The singing stones by Margo Lanagan   (LAN)

Crowned by Julie Linker   (LIN)

Take my word for it by John Marsden   (MAR)

The Terror Trail by Stewart Ross (ROS)

Skinned by Robin Wasserman (WAS)

Winter of Grace by Kate Constable (CON)

Summer by Mark Crilley (CRI)

Beastly by Alex Finn (FIN)

As you can see, we have many new books for your reading enjoyment.  Take advantage of this great selection and treat yourself to a good read!

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