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Vic Premier’s Reading Challenge

Posted by SalesianLibrary on February 18, 2009

Years 7-10 students!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read 15 books. No it’s not mission impossible! You have until August to complete your mission. In return will receive a certificate from the Premier of Victoria, John Brumby and of course you will get to read some fantastic books!

There is a list of books in the Library, of which you must read at least 10 of (or 5 if you’re in year 10) and then the rest of the books can be of your choosing. Or for an easier way of choosing books, just browse the shelves for books with the Reading Challenge stickers on them. There are different stickers for the different age groups so if you’re in years 7-8 you should look out for the orange stickers and if you’re in years 9-10 you should look out for the round blue stickers.

Also if you’re planning on getting involved in the MS Readathon, you can add these books to your Premier’s Reading Challenge tally.

See the Library staff for more information!

2 Responses to “Vic Premier’s Reading Challenge”

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