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Welcome back, 2009

Posted by SalesianLibrary on February 2, 2009

Welcome everyone to the 2009 school year. I hope your holidays were fun but restful. The Library has a few exciting things planned for the year. In fact, February is ‘Love your Library’ month so our wonderful Librarian Mrs Stanislawski has made up a display. Come into the library and check it out when you can.

Did anyone see the Twilight movie over the holidays? What did you think? As good as the book?

Another film that was based on a book, that I saw, was The Tale of Despereux which I thought was very cute. We’ve actually got the book here in the library, if you’ve seen the movie and want to give it a go, or even if you haven’t seen the movie.

There are quite a few books been made into movies this year so keep an eye out for them. These include:

So you might want to check out the books before you go see the movies! I know from past experience the book is almost always better than the movie, so it’ll probably be worth it.


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