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Staff only competition

Posted by SalesianLibrary on November 5, 2008

This competition is now closed! Thanks and good luck to all who entered!

The Library has a new resident! We’d like to introduce you to our new furry friend and need your assistance in naming her. I’ve included a picture below, or feel free to pop into the library to meet her.

Submissions must be made in the comment section of this blog, or dropped in to the library (make sure you include your own name) by Friday 14th November. The person who’s name is chosen will be the winner of a mystery prize. The winner will be anounced on Tuesday the 18th of November, on this blog.


This competition is open to Salesian College staff only!

13 Responses to “Staff only competition”

  1. Sean Puckey and Teresa Pilone said

    Teresa and I think the cat should be called ‘Dewey’ after the Dewey decimal system.

  2. Claire Adams said

    He should be called Mitty Moo Moo. I have a cat at home that looks just like him. So cute.

  3. Natalie said

    I would like to suggest remow


  4. Peter Collins said

    I like “Bookey” . If said quickly it has a very friendly ring about it and the connection is obvious
    Peter Collins

  5. Brenda said


  6. Claude said

    Because it sleeps!!!!!
    ‘Snoozy’ , ‘Dozer’, ‘Mr.Valium’,

    Because it doesnt do much how about

    ps. ‘Claude’ sounds cool.

  7. Donna K said

    Mortus minimus

  8. Miriam said

    Hi Clare

    I think it should be named Cuddles. I know its not different but when you see it you feel like giving it a cuddle.


  9. Karen Green said

    I think the cat should be named ” Cat “, afterall libraries have Cat-alogues!

  10. Karen Green said

    Or why not call it “Yr 12” . They all have the same study method as the cat.

  11. Mark Woolford said

    I think the cat should be called Wiggles, after the Aussie icons and being such a lively and active thing. 🙂

  12. Jenny Denko said

    What about ‘Rupert’?

  13. Kim Worland & Peter Krausz said

    ‘Ruby’ the Rupo cat who lives amongst the catalogues.

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