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Welcome to Term 3!

Posted by SalesianLibrary on July 17, 2008

Welcome back guys! I hope you all had a great holiday. Did anyone get any reading done? lol

I’ve decided to start the term off with a Careers display. Here’s a picture of the new display:

Careers Display

Careers Display

We have some fantastic new shelving which you can see here, filled with careers books and also our display cabinet with more books and some different police hats. I’ve also put up a few posters around the library listing the university open days ( and information about the Sunbury/Gisborne Careers and Employment Expo. The Expo is on Tuesday the 22nd of July, from 3.30 to 7.00 at the Memorial Hall, Sunbury.

We’ve also just gotten in a few new fiction books so they should all be on the new fiction stand by next week.
Kung Fu Panda
The Night Bus by Anthony Horowitz
Finding Darcy by Sue Lawson
The Case of the Diamond Shadow by Sophie Masson
Screw Loose by Chris Wheat
The Ice-cream man by Jenny Mounfield
Blackthorn by Elizabeth Pulford
Juno of Taris by Fleur Beale
A Good Arriving by David McRobbie
Against the Tide by Irini Savvides
Shutterspeed by A.J. Betts

One Response to “Welcome to Term 3!”

  1. Mary Day said

    Hi Ms. Peucker: The display looks great for Careers. do you think you can do a picture and put it on your Blog for WYD? Thanks. Mary

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