The Readers Nook


Posted by SalesianLibrary on June 5, 2008

I’ve just been browsing around the internet and found a couple of websites that I think are great.

The first is which makes automatic bibliographies. All you have to do is type in the ISBN of the book you’ve been using (this is found with the publication details in the front of the book, or on the back cover above the barcode) and wallah! you have an already made bibliography!

The second website is for those chefs amongst you. It’s at and you’ll find lots of different recipes. The great thing about this website though, is that the recipes are for all the top secret foods like KFC’s crispy chicken or Krispy Kreme’s doughnuts. Yumo!

And thirdly, the website I’ve pretty much become addicted to in the past week is which is all different photographs which people have added captions to. There’s some really funny ones amongst them!

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