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Royal Diaries: Anastasia

Posted by SalesianLibrary on March 18, 2008

Anastasia By Carolyn Meyer
Given to Anastasia by her grandmother as a keepsake, this diary begins on the day after the Winter Ball, January 3, 1914. The 12-year-old is the youngest daughter of the last tsar of imperial Russia, yet beneath the surface of her royal life full of wealth, prominence, and opulence, readers find a typical preadolescent who misses her father when absent. Youngsters will worry over younger brother Alexei’s hemophilia, experience concern as Russia comes under German attack, and feel fear and uncertainty during the family’s captivity. Anastasia writes of plans for the future, but her diary abruptly concludes on May 18, 1918. Through careful research, the author successfully provides interesting glimpses into daily events, family relationships, and growing up royal. Russian terminology, unobtrusively explained, is carefully blended into the narrative. Entries are simply written, brief, and sometimes unexciting. Lulls occur in some of the everyday events; yet little expressions, mini-tantrums, and exasperation reveal Anastasia’s personality, her temperament, and feelings. The epilogue details events leading to the family’s assassination. Black-and-white pictures, a bit grainy in quality, pique readers’ interest in the Romanovs. Additional information on life in Russia in 1914, historical notes, a family tree, information about the Russian language and calendar, and a list of characters all provide wonderful background information.

This book is listed for the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge for years 7-9. There are two other Royal Diaries books in our library too, ‘Eleanor’ and ‘Victoria’.


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King Dork by Frank Portman

Posted by SalesianLibrary on March 7, 2008

  King DorkTom Henderson is small, skinny and awkward, and pretty much feels like an idiot most of the time. But when he discovers his father’s copy of The Catcher in the Rye, it changes his world. It puts him in the middle of several conspiracies and at least half a dozen mysteries involving dead people, naked people, fake people, ESP, blood, guitars, monks, witchcraft and rock and roll. It’s the tip of a very odd iceberg of clues that could help Tom unravel the puzzle of his father’s death, and – bizarrely – reveal the secret of attracting semi-hot girls … And apparently there’s a movie to come!

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Displays & Premier’s Reading Challenge

Posted by SalesianLibrary on March 6, 2008

For those of you in years 7 to 10, don’t forget to grab your information pack from the Library to sign up for the Premier’s Reading Challenge. You get to read 10 books from a special list, and 5 of your own choice. The books are marked so they’ll be easy for you to find. The books for years 7-8 have a blue sticker saying Years 7 – 8 and the books for years 9-10 have a blue dot. Those involved can also earn points for their house groups!
Happy reading!
Go here for more information

While you’re in the library take a look at our new China display. There’s lots of fiction books based in China that you can borrow as well as some interesting and funny facts. You can also find out what your Chinese Zodiac Sign is and a little bit about your sign’s personality. There’s also a small display of some new short stories and short reads that you might like to borrow for the short holiday that’s coming up.

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